Case Studies – Life Sciences

RoadMap’s first clients were in the Life Sciences industry. More than 10 of the Top 25 Pharmaceutical companies have implemented RoadMap solutions for:

  • Sales and Operations Planning
  • Strategic Forecasting
  • Patient Persistency Models
  • Patient Adherence Analytics
  • Sampling Analysis
  • Promotion Analysis
  • Patient Website ROI

RoadMap software can analyze models of RX data by patient. These models can predict patient persistence and adherence to therapy based on patient demographics, sampling, payer behavior and ICD-9 Codes.  These predictive models have proven to be highly accurate in both short term and long term forecasting.

About RoadMap Technologies

RoadMap is one of the premier providers of forecasting software and predictive Big Data analytic solutions. From its beginnings as an innovator in sales forecasting, RoadMap has established a track record as a leader in using quantitative methods to help clients analyze large data sets, build competitive advantage and achieve profitable growth.

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