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Forecasting is essential to everyday life as it helps you plan your day.

We check the weather forecast to decide what to wear. We check the political polls to see if our candidate is likely to win or lose before considering buying tickets to a candidate’s fundraiser. We check the Las Vegas betting line to see if our football team is likely to win before we wager lunch with our co-worker on the outcome of a big game.

In the business world, we are constantly planning all sorts of things – production, revenue, profits at very detailed levels. Forecasting Big Data can cause nothing but huge migraine headaches if you don’t have the right power tools to help you get through it.

RoadMap GPS has been that power tool that many companies around the world have relied on to drill down into these huge data sets and give users as clear a view of the future as possible by just looking at past data.

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In RoadMap GPS Commercial and Cloud editions, we have many other features to the technology, but the statistical forecasting capability has always been a core strength of the software.

With this Public Edition, we are allowing student and other non-commercial users the ability to use RoadMap GPS for educational and non-commercial use.

This edition is not designed for Ph. D. statisticians. It’s designed for students in Managerial Economics, Finance and Supply Chain Management Programs at the B.S. and M.B.A. level.

We hope that it will be useful in your research.

We also wouldn’t mind you buying RoadMap GPS Commercial Edition when you get a real job.

Fill out the on-line form to see if you qualify or download the RoadMap GPS Public Edition License Agreement


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