RoadMap Technologies Files Patent for Core A.I. Technology

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Beverly, MA – September 20th, 2018 – RoadMap Technologies today announced the filing of a provisional patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on its core A.I. platform. RoadMap has developed a new strategic forecasting algorithm based upon principles of A.I. and Big Data. This technology, when implemented in Big Data applications, is ten times more accurate than any existing technology in long term business forecasting. Using R as well as other open source software, this business planning and forecasting platform can analyze Big Data sets with tens of millions of customer purchases or patient prescription records. This methodology RoadMap has engineered is the core driver behind all of its new products.

“The strength of this technology is that it literally builds the forecast, one customer at a time. It’s only common sense to realize that a forecast built from tens of millions of transactions and hundreds of thousands of customers will be infinitely more accurate and reliable than a forecast built from monthly sales totals.” – Dr. Rudolph Pizzano, President of RoadMap Technologies.

RoadMap’s target audience for this platform is large multinational corporations within the healthcare, telecommunications and entertainment industries. RoadMap Technologies is a premiere data science company specializing in modeling, visualizing and forecasting Big Data analytics. There are a wide range of business applications for this technology over many different industries and regions of the world. If you are interested in learning more about this technology or have business inquiries, please contact R.J. Pizzano, (978)-766-6966 or

RoadMap Technologies

RoadMap is one of the premier providers of forecasting software and predictive Big Data analytic solutions. From its beginnings as an innovator in sales forecasting, RoadMap has established a track record as a leader in using quantitative methods to help clients analyze large data sets, build competitive advantage and achieve profitable growth.


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