About RoadMap

RoadMap Technologies founded in 1988, is a premiere data science company providing management consulting expertise to various Fortune 500 companies and 10 of the Top 25 Life Science companies.

A leading provider of data de-identification, visualization, predictive analytics, forecasting solutions and management consulting.  The RoadMap GPS suite of solutions are used by leading companies around the world in the Consumer Electronics, Pharmaceuticals and FMCG industries. RoadMap’s Statistical Forecasting Software is one of the most widely installed forecasting packages in the world, with millions of installations through incorporation through Oracle RDBMS and Oracle applications such as Oracle Retail.

Our Misson

Empowering life science companies with innovative technologies and consulting to help improve patient outcomes and quality of care.

RoadMap Technologies has worked with companies such as Samsung, Roche, Oracle, Vertex and various others developing advanced forecasting software customized to find the key insights and compute accurate forecasts that assist with strategic planning in order to meet company specific goals. RoadMap has specialized in providing forecasting, data services, and consulting for life science companies in recent years to optimize operations and improve patient care. 

Our team has a commitment to excellence and accuracy. RoadMap secures our customers’ data and ensures that insights derived from that data are accurate representations of how the company is truly performing. RoadMap partners with companies, processing their data with our custom built software to derive key insights and accurate forecasts for company decision makers in order to develop the best strategy to meet internal goals.

Values RoadMap lives by

Improving Patient Outcomes

RoadMap cares about patients because we are patients, it is imperative to RoadMap to recognize unique and diverse patient perspectives while assisting life science companies improve patient outcomes and quality of care.


RoadMap maintains strict confidentiality with client matters and maintains our own secure data center, with numerous data security protocols and procedures in place, to protect patient and consumer information.


RoadMap stands behind our forecasts, predictions, analytics, and guidance, only using the most accurate statistical techniques dependent on our clients unique market environment.


With RoadMap's improved forecasting and planning, our products and services reduce waste and overproduction throughout the supply chain, from raw materials to finished goods.


RoadMap knows the importance of delivering insights and analysis in a timely manner without compromising on accuracy. When answers and insights are needed urgently, RoadMap can be trusted to deliver results.


RoadMap collaborates with experts, organizations, and institutions to further our mission of improving the quality of care life science companies provide their patients.

Continuous Learning

RoadMap helps our clients learn about successful patient outcomes and true consumer preferences. Our team continuously adds to our collective knowledge base by constantly learning new technologies and techniques that help derive accurate insights about companies' patient populations and consumer base.

Map out your SUCCCESS

Harness the Value of Your Data Today

RoadMap benefits organizations in immeasurable ways by identifying the most relevant, reliable data, discovering actionable insights, and giving management the confidence and guidance for critical business decisions.