Consumer Goods / FMCG

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RoadMap understands balancing the corporate outlook between existing products and the new product pipeline is a critical success factor in managing a consumer goods company.

Demand Signals for Consumer Electronics

RoadMap was able to build a demand signal repository for major consumer electronics manufactures are key electronic retail chains. Using consumer demand data and retail promotion plans to drive manufacturing is key to better forecast accuracy in consumer goods industries.

RoadMap GPS has built in algorithms which can separate consumer demand into base demand and incremental demand due to promotions and other temporary market events.

Long Range Consumer Category Forecasting​

RoadMap has built many models of consumer demand based on the Census Bureau Current Population Surveys that can project consumer category demand over 5 and 10 year forecast horizons.

RoadMap has published academic research on the implications of demographics and U.S. consumer changes on categories such as coffee, milk, cereal soft drinks and beer. Long range consumer forecasting is key to mergers and acquisition strategies for consumer goods companies, as with RoadMap, they can assess the gap between existing brands and new brands that they need to acquire.

Synthetic Census

RoadMap has created a de-identified Census database with 100M households that can be used for estimating consumer demand by retail trading areas (i.e. how many teenagers are within a store’s trading area).

Synthetic census data is useful for consumer marketing companies whose target demographic groups represent a subset of a standard demographic group (i.e. Tweens) or generations that span parts of existing age demographic groups (i.e. Gen Z).