RoadMap Dashboards

RoadMap uses open-source software for RoadMap Dashboards that enables users to easily and quickly drill down and filter data that asynchronously updates all visualizations within the dashboards.

RoadMap Dashboards provides:

  • Drill down analyzing key metrics to identify information  
  • Tailored Dashboards highlight key areas of business 
  • Simulation capabilities against key metrics  
  • Track and analyze inventory, exfactory and customer trends  
  • User friendly User Interface

Powerful visualization solution that enables executives to discover business intelligence at the individual patient or consumer level. These user friendly dashboards enable companies to drill down analyzing key metrics and identifying insightful information. The product was created using open source software tools and visualizes hundreds of thousands records from a SQL database.

Cloud Deployable

Using cloud providers such as AWS and IBM cloud to deploy dashboards that are made publicly available to users with security protocols that protect your data.

On Premise

Our data dashboards can also be hosted on premise if need be and our analysts can find insights decision makers need derived from the data.

Custom Built

Our team of engineers and business analyst identify insightful metrics that provide insight into your companies health and operations.


In our Dashboards all the data is de-identified and users who have access have strict roles and permissions to certain data sets.

Dashboards Demo