Data Aggregation System (DAS)

RoadMap Technologies Data Aggregation System (DAS) is HITRUST r2 Certified and enables our clients to have custom data pipelines built that process sensitive data on-premise.

Secure Data Hosting

Custom Data Pipeline

Custom Data Reporting

RoadMap Data Aggregation System


RoadMap Data Aggregation System (DAS) is HITRUST r2 certified to securely handle health information for various life science and healthcare companies.

"Earning an r2 Certification puts an organization into an elite group by showing that they meet key compliance requirements included across a wide range of industry standards and frameworks, as well as federal and state regulations."

Designed for our Clients

HealthCare Systems

Pharmaceutical CoMpanies

Specialty Pharmacies

Patient Service Centers

Patient Research Groups


  • Hardware dedicate specifically to your organization
  • Data is stored On Premise in secure data center
  • Sensitive Data never handled by third party
  • Server available and operating 24/7

Info DAS Stores

  • PII (Personal Identifiable Information)
  • ePHI (electronic Personal Health Information)
  • Sensitive Personal Information

How DAS is used by our clients

Secure Data Warehouse

Store sensitive data or PHI in a secure environment that only you have access to. 


Data Analytics Platform

Key Metrics and in depth analytics and reports about your data that can summarized and contextualized for client decision makers. 

Data Interchange

Data can be processed, analyzed, or repurposed to satisfy the various needs of your data partners and clients.

RoadMap Data Aggregation System (DAS)