RoadMap De-ID

HIPAA Compliant

Expert Determined Algorithm

Cloud Deployable

RoadMap De-ID is an executable software that de-identifies .csv and .json data files containing sensitive data using our expert determined algorithm to produce encrypted tokens that allows for more in depth analysis as compared to the safe harbor method of de-identification.

The Safe Harbor method of de-identification is good for protecting health information however it minimizes the amount of business value available from the information and inhibits the ability to do in-depth analysis that can be crucial for your business operations.
Expert determined data de-identification gives our analysts the ability to analyze sensitive data and find key metrics that give your organization unparalleled insights into your sensitive data without the risk of personal or medical information being exposed. 

Information RoadMap protects

Maximizing your data's value while minimizing the risk

RoadMap De-ID allows for you to analyze data sets of sensitive data without exposing personal data.