Data ETL

RoadMap’ts Data Team is able to build custom ETL (Extraction, Transforming, Loading) workflows that optimize the data flow for our clients and their partners.


Retrieving, receiving, and wrangling data from various sources


Converting and processing data into our clients desired data format(s)


Uploading data into data warehouses and databases

Data Extraction

Data can be found in many different forms and locations. It might be sitting in the cloud, on your local hard drive, or your production server. No matter the case, RoadMap extracts both unstructured and structured data from various sources:

  • Plain Text

  • CSV

  • JSON

  • Excel Spreadsheets

  • YAML

  • PDF

  • XML

  • Pipe / Tab Delimited

  • HTML

  • Database Extract

No matter the frequency of your data from whatever data source, RoadMap can extract and wrangle the data for processing. Continuously working with our clients to extract data from one time data dumps or continuous data flows is essential to delivering timely analytics. 

Data Transforming

Cleansing and validating data, transforming from one format to another, or converting data from one type to another can be a necessary step in your data pipeline, and often is.

Careful processing and cleaning are required before we can derive meaning from the data. Data has to be transformed so that it’s ready for use in your analytical tools. 

This usually means turning data into tables, or converting text into numbers (i.e., doing some form of “data cleansing”). The types of tables and columns depend on what kind of analysis you’re doing—resulting in different layouts depending on whether you want to plot scatter plots or build predictive models or whatever else is necessary for your data management system. 

During data transformation additional data values can be added using calculations, RoadMap custom built algorithms, third party api’s, and web scrapping; creating new fields and columns which add more details and context to data increases the value and insights our clients can get from that data.

Data Loading

The final part of the ETL data pipeline is uploading the clean, transformed data into our own or our clients’ database, data warehouse, or data management system.

Data targets for our clients’ can vary significantly with different locations, systems, and frequency based on how they are using that data in their business operations.  

Once the data is loaded into the data warehouse in a structured format, SQL queries and other analysis can be performed. The data warehouse serves as the backend and data storage for data dashboards to easily retrieve and access specific data based on areas of business requiring analysis.

No matter where or when the data needs to be delivered to our client, RoadMap can satisfy out clients requirement, while ensuring that their data is accurate, complete, and free from errors. 



Dedicated Data Team

Our responsive and reliable team of data engineers will work hand and hand with your business leaders and partners in order to develop the most optimal data pipeline for your organization. RoadMap's Data team's combination of business acumen and technology expertise allow for RoadMap to quickly meet the requirements set forth by our clients and deliver exceptional ETL services. Our team is trained in HITRUST and HIPAA compliance best practices while handling sensitive data to ensure that your information is safe at every step of the process.

The Right Tools

If a company doesn't use the latest technologies available today or if they don't use them efficiently or effectively then they cannot deliver results as quickly as possible.

Your business needs to focus on delivering results quickly so it can move onto other tasks rather than spending weeks waiting for data processing consultants who lack advanced expertise in this area to complete their tasks properly without making mistakes which could cost thousands upon thousands for your business.

Processing, transforming and loading data can be extremely challenging; make sure you have the right partner for your project.

Data processing, transformation and loading is a complex process that requires a multitude of tools, skills and experience. Companies looking to engage in this type of work should look at their potential partners with a careful eye.