Data Lake Services

Secure dashboards to provide constant insight into your company’s performance through analyzing…

.. web logs, IOT devices, and various other forms of unstructured data.

Cloud Hosted

Using the latest and best cloud technologies to securely manage and store your data


User roles and permissions based on your employee responsibilities and access,

Custom Designed

Our consultants determine a cloud strategy and find the software tools for your organization needs

Web Dashboard

Visualizations presented in a secure web dashboard with the ability to drill down and analyze any part of your business

GuidING Business Leaders

Giving insight into any part of your business to guide you through your company's hardest business decisions.

Simplifying Data StreamS

Data is constantly being generated, and depending on your business, its happening every second, of every day. Being able to harness the value of the data by wrangling the data into a data warehouse and visualizing it in a dashboard.

Finding Meaning in the Mess

Unstructured data can be hard to tame and understand, RoadMap has a team of professionals dedicated to deciphering and contextualizing hard to understand data.


RoadMap's Data team is committed to keeping your data secure and available to you whenever you need it -- responding to any data request within 24 hours.