Data Warehousing

Custom built data management systems for your organization to optimize data storage, transfers and extracts for precision data analysis, forecasting, and visualization.


RoadMap Technologies Data Aggregation System is HITRUST certified to handle PHI, PII and follows HIPAA compliance for secure data warehousing.

Custom Built

RoadMap's consultants work with your business leaders to determine best data warehouse solution for your organization.


Hosted solutions on cloud servers for storing your data in a secure remotely available database with designated user roles to access your data.

On Premise

Our secure data warehouses are hosted on on-premise servers in our secure data center.

Security is of the upmost importance when your organization is handling sensitive or confidential information. In the healthcare industry this is a common occurrence, and for our clients in the healthcare space RoadMap has developed a data aggregation system that warehouses data used for secure and precision analytics for our clients.

Some of the most sensitive types of data that can be stored in a warehouse including protected health information (PHI), personal identifiable information, and financial information so it is important to have a partner who manages this type of data to manage it on a HITRUST certified system. To find out more about HITRUST Certified Data Aggregation System (DAS) by clicking on the button in the box below.

HITRUST Certified Data Aggregation System (DAS)

Our team of engineers has built a data aggregation system that keeps data encrypted both in transit and at rest that can be used for ETL Services, Secure Data Transfers, Data Warehousing, and Data Analytics Reporting for healthcare and life science companies.

The engine that powers your analytics and data visualizations

Without data warehousing, complex and accurate analytics can not be performed in a timely manner, and when business leaders need answers TODAY — a insufficient data warehouse will inhibit your organization’s ability to make the best business decision.

Custom Built

Every data warehouse is built and designed differently depending on client needs and requirements based on the type, amount, sensitivity and frequency of the data. RoadMap will work with your team to determine whether your data warehouse should be in the cloud or on premise and the best tools, solutions, and practices for your data warehouse.

RoadMap’s data team stays up to date with the latest technologies and best practices when it comes to data engineering, storage, security, and warehousing. Knowing the right tools to use for your organizations unique situation is imperative to creating the right data warehouse or data management solution.


Using the latest cloud technologies to handle ingesting data from sources and data streams of both structure and unstructured data. Utilizing cloud technologies gives us the ability to handle large amounts of data, from bioinformatics workflows to daily sales data analysis — RoadMap will help design the best workflow and tools for your data pipeline and supporting cloud infrastructure for your business needs.

On Premise

A dedicated server for your organization in our HITRUST certified data center. For maximal data security and protection we do not rely on any third party vendors handling your data. Our HITRUST certified data aggregation system is the perfect on premise solution for analyzing sensitive data for your organization — with all sensitive data encrypted both in transit and at rest on an encrypted server.