Forecasting & Analytics

Expert Forecasting Methodology

More than 20 different  to uptake curves to simulate how quickly your product will gain share and arrive at peak share levels.

Our forecasting team will utilize the forecasting engine and work with your business stakeholders to build a comprehensive and collaborative  forecast for your products.

We utilize a magnitude of different statistical equations combined with custom settings to pitch up and down MAPE and MAD. 

Identifying what your peak share will be within the market is crucial. We generate simulations to show what that will look like.

We utilize up to 20 different product life cycle curves to best forecast your business.

We validate what change in growth trajectory a generic entry will cause to the market and your products.

Why Our Approach Differs

Our forecasting engine combines standard time series as well as AI algorithms that mimic the logic of an expert demand planner in removing outliers and selecting robust methods.

Our Forecasting Engine GPS possess a powerful mode which optimizes the forecasting methodology itself to produce forecasts with case accuracy up to 99%.

Have multiple products? Easily combine different levels and hierarchies of product forecasts to show the full picture.

Build out forecasts with next-level selector ability. Have the option of selecting multiple types of forecasts within your business portfolio. 

We understand there can be a desire to see what a slight adjustment from one to ten percent. Our engine allows for companies to make custom adjustments weighted to follow realistic seasonality. 

Custom built forecasting software

GPS (Global Planning Solution)

Our flagship forecasting software that allows us to leverage our expertise with an overcharged engine to build out robust forecasts for your products. GPS is as intuitive as it is powerful allowing for forecasters to hone-in on market assumptions to build accurate forecasts.

GPS 360

The Supped Up Version of GPS, GPS360 - Designed for MNCs that have teams internationally collaborating on forecasts for portfolio and hierarchies of products. This software is accompanied with version controls that maintain order while multiple stakeholders work together remotely.


Using Kibana and other open-source technologies to showcase and isolate key performance areas of your business. Unlock insights by deriving trends and analyzing your business KPI with ease.

Forecast Engine Compatible with Data Aggregation System

 RoadMap GPS allows for all of these data streams to be integrated into a forecasting data warehouse, which can be used with sophisticated time series and product life cycle models, to accurate project sales over the entire life cycle.  

RoadMap GPS supports tactical weekly forecasts by NDC as well as long range forecasts by indication.  Scenario management also supports the creation of revenue guidance ranges which are tied to specific events.

Call RoadMap today to help you and your team forecast your business accurately.

Our Team of analysts and data engineers helps our clients find the most relevant data to analyze and gain actionable insights from, providing business leaders with the tools and information they need to be confident in making the right decision.