Health and Nutraceuticals

Health foods, nutritional supplements, vitamins, fragrances and essential oils are an important part of living a healthy lifestyle for many people around the world.

Natural experimentation by patients sustains an ever increasing trend towards combining and blending different natural products as well as varying the strength of active ingredients.  

RoadMap GPS’ powerful statistical forecasting and exception reporting allows companies to manage demand for tens of thousands of products globally, ensuring the there is adequate supply to meet demand.

Global Warming: Myth or Reality?

The urgency around the problem of Global Warming has increased over the last 35 years, as global temperatures have risen to their highest recorded levels.  But, over the past ten years, global temperatures have leveled off.  In fact, the global temperature in 2011 was virtually the same as in 2000.

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Developing Predictive Analytical Applications with Big Data

How to Quench Your Thirst for Knowledge from Big Data Daily Point of Sale Data from 3,000 stores for Ten of Thousands of SKUs Daily RX Data for Hundreds of Thousands of Individual Patients Real Time Demand for Electricity At Each Point Along a 250,000 Square Mile Electric Grid We

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Product Life Cycle Curves in the 21st Century

Product Life Cycle Curves in the 21st Century One phenomenon that is common to many recent hi-tech product launches is the compression of the innovation part of the product life cycle into the initial product launch phase. This is due to the fact that many consumers in the innovator segment

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