HITRUST Data Management

HITRUST and HIPAA Compliant

RoadMap Technologies has been certified by the Health Information Trust Alliance that RoadMap DAS (Data Aggregation System) is HITRUST certified. The system was designed with the highest standards of data protection and information security in mind to ensure our clients sensitive information is safe.

Secure Data Forecasting

RoadMap Technologies is a HIPAA certified provider of forecasting software and services. The ability to collect and analyze data at the patient level securely in our data warehouse is key to accurate forecasting and creation of actionable KPIs for Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Healthcare research companies.

RoadMap HITRUST Data Aggregation System (DAS)

Our team of engineers has built a data aggregation system that keeps data encrypted both in transit and at rest that can be used for ETL Services, Secure Data Transfers, Data Warehousing, and Data Analytics Reporting for healthcare and life science companies.

Streamline Research

RoadMap is a trusted data partner for processing and protecting patient information for accurate analysis and valuable insights to help in research efforts.

Data Management for

HealthCare Systems

Pharmaceutical CoMpanies

Specialty Pharmacies

Patient Service Centers

Patient Research

Collaborate with Partners

RoadMap will retrieve and consume encrypted data streams from various partners and sources and securely manage it. RoadMap runs ETL processes with your data partners and delivers custom data extracts in a timely manner.