Life Sciences

Patient Analytics

Maintaining vision on patients for executive and commercials can pose as a challenge. We build custom analytics for patients on therapy that allow for teams to make decisions that increase share, patient access and other important areas that benefit everyone.


Forecasting can be difficult but figuring out key assumptions from market share, duration of therapy and compliance. We work with forecasting teams to validate assumptions and project demand & revenue. 

Market Analysis

Validating and understanding how individual therapeutic markets work is essential for life science companies. We help teams establish size, share and growth to support commercialization and patient access. 


Generic Entry can be a complicated matter once a life-science company has a therapy in market. We prepare and project how the market and therapies will appear with a generic entry.

Revenue Guidance

We provide on-site & off-site consulting. Our consultants have experience in a number of areas in and around life-science companies. 

Clinical Trial Analysis

Data from clinical trials can be utilized to help accurately determine market potential of a therapy. This helps life science companies create accurate long term plans.

Our pharmaceutical drug manufacturers and life science partners have reduced monthly forecast error, in some cases achieving

0 %
Annual Accuracy

HITRUST Data Aggregation for secure data storage

Patient data is highly sensitive. A number of life-science companies avoid interacting with PHI. Because of this, insights are distorted without the ability to use raw patient information. We provide companies the ability to store and work with PHI.

Our HITRUST data management system allows us to process and report analysis on data the same day that is received, this gives our clients remarkable insights while ensuring data security.

Expert determined Data De-Identification to protect patient information

HIPAA compliant de-identification to ensure patient information stays unidentifiable through the analytics process. 

Improving patient outcomes requires in-depth analytics and our de-identification enables patient data stays encrypted and secured. 

Review of FDA New Drug Application clinical trial data to estimate peak commercial revenue potential

Utilizing de-identified patient data, RoadMap can extrapolate from hundreds of clinical trial patient data records to market-wide projections of patient adoption curves, persistency and duration of therapy by patient cohort as well as average daily consumption (DACON).

Review of Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs):

With de-identified patient data, RoadMap can estimate patient persistency and duration of therapy by patient cohort, as well as evaluate the cost-benefit relationship to adherence and patient education programs.

Lifetime Value of Patients on Therapy:

Using patient persistency modeling, RoadMap can estimate the lifetime value of a new patient, based on demographic attributes and payer types

Forecasting abilities for life science:

  • Drill down on key metrics to identify insightful information
  • Tailored Dashboards highlighting key areas of business
  • Simulation capabilities against key metrics
  • Track and analyze inventory, ex-factory and customer trends
  • User friendly UI
  • Event-Based Forecasting  
  • Goal-Seeking Financial Forecasts  
  • Co-Pay Mitigation Analysis

RoadMap understands balancing the corporate outlook between existing products and the new product pipeline is a critical success factor in managing a Life Sciences company.


OTC healthcare industry leaders have built collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment (CPFR) systems with major retail accounts that have saved billions in inventory.

Through providing the clearest view of the forecast for the portfolio of existing products, RoadMap GPS’ statistical modeling, scenario planning, collaboration technology and forecast exception reporting allow companies to analyze the potential gap between existing products and the portfolio of new products. Consistent revenue forecasting from one financial quarter to the next builds confidence in the financial community in the ability of management to deliver consistent results for their shareholders.

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