Management Consulting

For over 30 years RoadMap Technologies has helped guide our various partners through identifying key metrics and trends with our partners’ business.

Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare companies have the duty of helping the lives of patients around the world. Many life sciences company’s need constant analysis of their operations in order to determine their performance within the industry and best strategies going forward.

Market Analysis

In depth analysis of all external and internal factors facing a company that determine the market in which they are operating in and expert guidance to best navigate the life science space.


RoadMap’s key performance indicators allow companies to monitor the health of their organization through metrics that include sales, marketing, production, and finance.


Gross-to-Net Analysis involves estimating deductions for chargebacks, discounts, and medical rebates, RoadMap can assist companies in forecasting their gross-to-net as part of their overall revenue planning. 

Patient Forecasting

Estimating patient cohort trends to calculate patient persistency and compliance. These measures are essential to creating an accurate patient-centric forecasts. 

Consumer Goods

Within the consumer good industry, it is very important to be constantly analyzing the performance of your product catalog in order to determine optimal strategy to clear product inventories, optimize the supply chain, and generate profits while ensuring customer satisfaction.


Using customer data to forecast demand of specific brands in your inventory.

Accurately forecasting demand is essential to avoid overproduction, RoadMap has saved companies up to 3% of their annual revenue. 


RoadMap helps manage and plan inventory through analyzing product supply chains and demand levels. RoadMap assists in the optimization of business operations and has saved organizations from unnecessary production costs. 

Market Share Analysis

Drilling down into specific market segments to gain remarkable insights  about customer demand. 

Estimate the relationship of market share and price relative to your largest competitors. 

Category Forecasting

Analyzing consumer categories to discover demographic trends that lead to accurate  long term forecasts. 

Forecasting categories allows organizations to gain intuition into individual consumer’s patterns and behaviors.

Litigation Consulting

RoadMap provides various litigation services such as serving as an expert witness for matters dealing with business and economics, performing forensic accounting, and assisting attorneys in recovering financial compensation that their clients are rightfully owed.