For 25+ years RoadMap has  provided consulting services to Fortune 500 companies and 10 of the Top 25 Global Pharma/Biotech Leaders.

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Expert evidence based decision making and deep industry knowledge in life sciences and consumer goods enables us to guide our clients. RoadMap consultants have worked with more than 100 of the Fortune 500 and 10 of the Top 25 Life Sciences companies.

From launch forecasting, market sizing, Gross-to-Net Reporting we have decades of experience helping life science companies at every stage and size to help them improve patient lives.


No matter the speed or consumer goods product your company is producing we have experience working with many companies spanning products from DVDs, TVs, alternative medicines and consumer drinks. Building an ERP or inventory planning system is a crucial step for company growth. 


RoadMap assists attorneys in M&A due diligence, royalty disputes and market measurement cases. RoadMap has helped numerous attorneys help get their clients the justice and financial compensation they deserve. 


Secure data ingestion, processing, organizing, transferring and storage for our clients’ business intelligence and operational needs. RoadMap’s HITRUST certified DAS (Data Aggregation System) ensures that valuable corporate data assets and stored securely and analyzed accurate to generate timely and actionable insights.

RoadMap Technologies Data Aggregation System (DAS) is HITRUST Certified and designed using the most proactive approach to data protection and information risk mitigation.

Following HIPAA compliance and using best practices protecting PHI (Personal Health Information) and PII (Personal Identifiable Information), always encrypting sensitive data both in transit and at rest.


RoadMap creates data management systems and databases optimized to extract key insights for business planning custom designed for your organization needs. 

RoadMap’s Data team is committed to ensuring data integrity and security. All data stored with RoadMap handled with the utmost care and constantly quality checked for accuracy and completeness. Our team is always available to help our clients with any data needs.


Data is constantly flowing and getting business critical data to various vendors assisting your business’ operations is essential.

RoadMap provides custom ETL services for our clients through retrieving, ingesting, processing and securely delivering data for their business partners.

Custom ETL processes available 24/7, to handle your most challenging and time critical data processing needs for your organization. 


Harness insights from unstructured, high frequency data with a customized dashboard for your organization.

RoadMap deploys data lakes utilizing the power of the cloud to manage big data processing, storage, and analytics dashboards to deliver constant key insights for your organization. 


Expert determined algorithm that tokenizes data sets of personal/sensitive information to keep identities secret while performing in-depth analytics. 

RoadMap Tech’s De-Identification engine is HIPAA Compliant – specialized to analyze PII and PHI for healthcare companies.

Enabling Clinical researchers, Administrators, and company decision makers to perform in-depth, accurate analytics to better treat their patients, while making sure their identifies are never at risk. 

Our algorithm complies with the HIPAA Privacy Rule standard for expert determination de-identification in order to protect sensitive information for research and analytics purposes.

Our expert determined algorithm allows for us to re-identify records in cases where re-identification is necessary, but also has an option to make re-identification impossible.

The De-Identification engine can be ran on your premises, in the cloud, or on our premises. RoadMap works with your team to develop the best strategy for our de-identification solution.

RoadMap’s forecasting software and analytic models have been deployed worldwide.  Every year, companies use RoadMap GPS to forecast over $200 billion dollar in revenue and $25 billion in inventories across a wide range of products and markets.

RoadMap has extensive experience in business planning and forecasting from short-term production forecasting to medium term rolling forecasting and 5-10 year strategic planning. RoadMap has worked with a number of client for more than ten years, which attests to the continuing value of our services. 

Many of our standard forecasting models and software products began consulting engagements for client in the Life Sciences or Consumer Electronics industry. RoadMap’s experienced consultants can craft tailored, customized solution to your specific industry and strategic planning goals. 

Roadmap’s GPS handles a wide array of different reporting frequencies that allow any company to forecast revenue, demand and other important aresa to your business

Our team of data analysts have experience in managing the higher complexities of forecasting based on which industry you’re in. Forecasting is not a one size fits all, from life sciences to FMCG we can help with knowledge to focus in on specific trends and methods that best fits your business.  

We understand that building a F0 or an F1 can be a multi-stakeholder approach that usually needs a few passes to get right. We are available to work with executive, finance and commercial teams to build a comprehensive forecast that is conducive to what trend your product is projecting. 

Visualizing the key performance indicators of your organization in an always available dashboard to give unprecedented insight into your organization operations. 

Our team works with organizations to identify key performance indicators that monitor the health of your business. Our team will design a dashboard UI curated specifically to the users within your organization. 

RoadMap has the ability to deploy our dashboards both on the cloud and make it publicly available with security protocols and user permissions to manage access. Our team can also host the dashboards in house for additional security measures and lower long term maintenance costs. 

Our team of software engineers will make sure that the front end of your dashboard is easy to use and understand, along with the additional capabilities to enable drill down analysis and custom data reporting.