Case Studies – Energy and Utilities

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RoadMap has built forecasting models for many different types of companies in energy and utilities:

  • Weekly Demand Forecasting by PADD Region for Gasoline, Aviation Fuel and Diesel
  • Hourly Electric Power Demand Across an ISO Power Grid
  • Daily Futures Contract Prices for Natural Gas, Gasoline Crude Oil and Heating Oil

Weather is the major demand determinant in Electric Utilities.  In the utility industry the interaction between reduced supply caused by network congestion, maintenance or reduced hydroelectric power availability combined with increased demand from extreme temperatures can cause major supply/demand imbalances and price shocks.

RoadMap’s ability to forecast electricity demand at a disaggregate level of detail and at intervals as short as 30 minutes based on weather patterns gives the utility or ISO a much clearer view of demand and potential supply imbalances.

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