About Us

RoadMap Technologies founded in 1988, continues to be a premiere data science company and leader in Forecasting and Data Analytics.

RoadMap Technologies is a leading provider of data de-identification, visualization, predictive analytics and forecasting solutions.  The RoadMap GPS suite of solutions are used by leading companies around the world in the Consumer Electronics, Pharmaceuticals and FMCG industries

RoadMap’s Statistical Forecasting Software is one of the most widely installed forecasting packages in the world, with millions of installations through incorporation through Oracle RDBMS and Oracle applications such as Oracle Retail.

RoadMap Technologies has worked with companies such as Samsung, Roche, Oracle, Vertex and various others developing advanced forecasting software customized to find the key insights and compute accurate forecasts that assist with strategic planning in order to meet company specific goals.

Our team has a commitment to excellence and accuracy. RoadMap secures our customers’ data and ensures that insights derived from that data are accurate representations of how the company is truly performing.

RoadMap partners with companies, processing their data with our custom built software to derive key insights and accurate forecasts for company decision makers in order to develop the best strategy to meet internal goals.

The RoadMap GPS Product Suite includes:

RoadMap 360 Dashboards – Powerful visualization solution that enables executives to discover business intelligence at the individual patient or consumer level. Don’t take our word for it – watch the 360 Dashboard demo.

RoadMap GPS 360 – Comprehensive business planning and forecasting from the Global level down to each patient or consumer and from the SKU/NDC level up to a total company summary. RoadMap GPS 360 combines forecasting, business intelligence and patient intelligence. It’s primarily targeted towards biotech and other specialty pharmaceutical companies but can be used in telecommunications and financial services as well. For a biotech company, GPS 360 gives you a complete – 360 degree – analytical view of your business, from patient demographics, genotypes and phenotypes, all the way up to market level trends and forecasts. Watch the GPS 360 demo or view the RoadMap GPS 360 presentation.

RoadMap GPS  – Business planning and forecasting that combines the ease-of-use of Excel, the statistical power of R and the scalability of Microsoft SQL-Server. RoadMap’s proprietary Geneva forecasting algorithm can also be combined with the R Statistical Computing language to analyze Big Data sets with tens of millions of customer purchases or patient RX records.

If you are interested in finding out more contact via e-mail info@roadmap-tech.com or call (978) 232-8901.