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Management consulting, secure data management, and forecasting for life sciences, healthcare, and consumer goods companies.

Our Products

RoadMap DAS (Data Aggregation System) HITRUST CERTIFIED

RoadMap DAS (Data Aggregation System) securely manages and processes data for Healthcare, Life Science, and Patient Service companies. Our HITRUST r2 certified system provides secure data storage, ETL, warehousing, analytics, and processing for PHI, PII and other sensitive information.

RoadMap De-ID - Expert Determined

RoadMap De-ID software protects individuals personal information during data analysis. Our software utilizes RoadMap's expert determined de-identification algorithm to encrypt PHI and PII in order to enable more in-depth analytics than the safe harbor method of de-identification. Specialized for companies in the Healthcare, Life Science, and Patient Services industries.

RoadMap GPS

Cornerstone Forecasting Software

Software that determines the optimal forecasting model for your organization and provides execptional insights

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RoadMap GPS 360

Forecasting Software for Multinational Corporations

Forecasting software designed to be used by users across the globe for up to date analytics

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RoadMap Dashboards

Powerful Custom Data Visualization Dashboard

Custom built web dashboard that enables drill down data analysis and highlights key performance indicators for companies

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Our Services

Management Consulting

Forecasting and expert guidance for decision makers in the life science and consumer goods industry by utilizing secure data analysis to provide unmatched insights about organization's operations.

Forecasting and Analytics

Utilizing our software forecasting products RoadMap GPS and RoadMap GPS 360 to provide robust and in-depth analysis for our clients.

Data Management

Providing our clients with HITRUST Data Aggregation, Data Warehousing, Data ETL and Data Lake Management


Anonymizing personal information such as PHI and PII while still enabling analytics with our expert determined algorithm.

Date Visualization

Visualizing key performance indicators in an easy to use, comprehensive, and web dashboard that enables drill down analysis.

Turn data into your most valuable asset

RoadMap experts analyze companies, identify relevant data, implement a secure data analysis pipeline, generate key performance indicators, and provide specialized forecasts for business decision makers to help optimize business operations and reduce costs by millions. 

Why RoadMap?

Data Security

RoadMap follows industry best practices with our data protection protocols and procedures.

Forecast Accuracy

RoadMap's forecast accuracy gives business decision makers the foresight to make the best decisions for their organization.


Whether its delivering analysis or delivering a data request, RoadMap gets it done quickly, accurately, and in most cases on the same day.


RoadMap has been forecasting and consulting for Fortune 500 companies since 1988.

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