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RoadMap Technologies established in 1988, has been a premier data science company for the last 30 years modeling, visualizing and forecasting analytical data for Fortune 500 companies, including 10 of the top 25 pharmaceutical companies.

RMT has engineered RoadMap GPS, RoadMap GPS 360, RoadMap 360 Dashboards to optimally analyze and forecast our clients’ business cycles and uncover profitable insights. RMT’s forecasting is up to 50% more accurate than competitors’ legacy forecasting systems.

Our clients in the Pharmaceutical and life sciences industry have reduced monthly forecast error substantially, in some cases achieving 99% annual accuracy

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Roadmap 360 Dashboards


Roadmap GPS
Roadmap 360 GPS

As the world’s economy continues to evolve, forecasting has never been more important to an organization’s ability to successfully achieve profitable growth. RoadMap software is the essential technology that your business needs to analyze historical trends and gather forecast information from throughout your organization, your customers, and the internet to ensure that your company is positioned for sustainable growth.

RoadMap GPS can analyze millions of transactions at the individual consumer level, such as prescription data, in a few minutes, delivering powerful and accurate forecasts. RoadMap GPS databases and Geneva forecasting engine can also be extended with the R Programming Language to build custom forecasting system using any available R package.

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