Case Studies – Media and Entertainment

The Media and Entertainment industries are characterized by very simple supply chains and high profit margins. RoadMap has built forecasting models for many different types of companies in these sectors: Weekly Attendance at Theme Parks Daily Newspaper Sales by Newsstand Weekly DVD Sales by Title by Store Monthly TV Station Revenue by Advertiser Class

Case Studies – Consumer Electronics

No industry in the world is as exciting as, or more difficult to forecast than consumer electronics, where waves of better, faster and cheaper products flood the marketplace every six months. RoadMap’s technology planning software was developed in concert with industry leaders such as Dell Computers, General Electric and Samsung. As with the Life Sciences […]

Case Studies – Consumer Packaged Goods

RoadMap has worked with more than 10 of the largest consumer packaged goods companies in sales forecasting and marketing mix analysis. RoadMap software can track and plan baseline and incremental volume due to promotion from both POS scanner data and factory shipments. Much of RoadMap’s proprietary forecasting technology was developed in the response to the […]

Case Studies – Life Sciences

RoadMap’s first clients were in the Life Sciences industry. More than 10 of the Top 25 Pharmaceutical companies have implemented RoadMap solutions for: Sales and Operations Planning Strategic Forecasting Patient Persistency Models Patient Adherence Analytics Sampling Analysis Promotion Analysis Patient Website ROI RoadMap software can analyze models of RX data by patient. These models can predict patient […]

Predictive Analytics in Life Sciences: Co-Payment Mitigation

Specialty pharmacies have emerged as a strategic distribution channel for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as the dollar share of distribution by this channel will soon reach 40% of the U.S. market. Specialty pharmacies provide a wide variety of services beyond filling an RX.  Patient support coordinators assist patients in administration of drugs, coordination of insurance benefits, adherence to therapy […]

RoadMap Global Planning Solution

RoadMap Global Planning Solution As the world’s economy continues to recover, forecasting has never been more important to an organization’s ability to successfully achieve growth. RoadMap software is the essential technology that your business needs to analyze historical trends and gather forecast information from throughout your organization, your customers, and the World Wide Web to […]

Global Issues in Predictive Marketing Analytics

Predictive Marketing Analysis has proven to be a key competitive advantage for American marketing companies.  Who hasn’t wondered how or Netflix can come up with plausible recommendations for that next book to purchase or that next film to stream down to your gaming device?  Outside the U.S., it’s a different story as some of […]