Big Data, What is it and Honestly, Who Cares?

Everyone. Some of us just haven’t realize it yet. Today, there are literal fountains of electronic information or as we like to call it “Big Data”, gushing every second from everywhere. Smartphones, personal computers, social media, subscriptions, prescriptions, cameras and bank records. The amount of Big Data explodes 24/7/365 exponentially and essentially, it’s an unstoppable […]

RoadMap Technologies Files Patent for Core A.I. Technology

Press Release Beverly, MA – September 20th, 2018 – RoadMap Technologies today announced the filing of a provisional patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on its core A.I. platform. RoadMap has developed a new strategic forecasting algorithm based upon principles of A.I. and Big Data. This technology, when implemented in Big Data applications, […]

Case Studies – Energy and Utilities

RoadMap has built forecasting models for many different types of companies in energy and utilities: Weekly Demand Forecasting by PADD Region for Gasoline, Aviation Fuel and Diesel Hourly Electric Power Demand Across an ISO Power Grid Daily Futures Contract Prices for Natural Gas, Gasoline Crude Oil and Heating Oil Weather is the major demand determinant in […]

Case Studies – Media and Entertainment

The Media and Entertainment industries are characterized by very simple supply chains and high profit margins. RoadMap has built forecasting models for many different types of companies in these sectors: Weekly Attendance at Theme Parks Daily Newspaper Sales by Newsstand Weekly DVD Sales by Title by Store Monthly TV Station Revenue by Advertiser Class

Case Studies – Consumer Electronics

No industry in the world is as exciting as, or more difficult to forecast than consumer electronics, where waves of better, faster and cheaper products flood the marketplace every six months. RoadMap’s technology planning software was developed in concert with industry leaders such as Dell Computers, General Electric and Samsung. As with the Life Sciences […]